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Solvaring 09/23/17 11:30 PM

'Reset allowed harddrives"
What exactly does the "Reset allowed harddrives" button do that is located in minion settings? It says it "Reset the list of allowed hard drives minion can scan"

Where on earth is this list of allowed hard drives in the first place? I've searched and searched and I cant find anything like that, and I never remember setting up a list of allowed hard drives that it could scan.

The process for adding a game with the + sign in the top left just has me select a folder where it should start its search for the game's addons and to my knowledge i'm only allowed to choose one directory as the addon directory, so once again not a list and a list is nowhere to be found.

Solvaring 09/24/17 12:08 AM

nevermind, i just figured it out. I did the reset and when i restarted minion i got a list of hard drives to choose from to scan for supported games.

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