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CokeVoAYCE 03/08/16 09:54 AM

Minion won't detect ESO addons folder
my addons folder is C:\Users\pepsi\OneDrive\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns
minion isn't detecting the \onedrive\ folder, so i can't get it to my addon folder. help? screenshot:

Dolby 03/08/16 10:42 AM

Correct, Minion does not auto detect OneDrive paths. You'll need to browse to the path manually and show Minion where to save the AddOns under the options tab.

From looking at the picture you posted you need to scroll down to the 'Users' folder and press the triangle to expand that folder. Then find your username and press the triangle. Then you should see the 'OneDrive' folder, click the triangle there and you should find the 'Documents' folder... etc. Once you find the AddOns folder click on the name of the AddOn folder and you should see the full path at the bottom of the window then you can hit 'Select'. Minion then should have the correct path to save your AddOns.

ZomBreeSFX 07/01/18 09:55 AM

Please help
Have uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted XML, selected add ons folder and it does nothing...

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