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Phinix 08/29/17 01:53 AM

Reload Crafting Station

I am wanting to do something with a mod that involves simulating closing the current crafting station and re-activating it. Basically, I want the cooking station to return to the default tab and display no matter where you are.

Is anyone aware of a convenient way to do this?

Phinix 08/29/17 01:14 PM

I found that SCENE_MANAGER:ShowBaseScene() works to exit the crafting station, and I am sure the solution would come through some SCENE manipulation.

So far I've not been able to find a way to tell the Scene Manager "reset the current scene."

Phinix 08/29/17 01:59 PM

Well, I think I found a hack to make what I want to do work by catching the open state of navigation menus in a table of controls then running ZO_TreeHeader_OnMouseUp(control, true) manually on each one that's open.

Dolgubon 08/29/17 02:01 PM

What about telling it to show the crafting scene?

Phinix 08/29/17 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by Dolgubon (Post 32476)
What about telling it to show the crafting scene?

I want to say I tried that and it threw a nil value error. Was giving it PROVISIONER_SCENE for the scene...

I still think it is possible to do through scene manipulation, but all I really wanted to do was add a button to close all categories. I hack the cooking station in ESO Master Recipe List to add colors, various icons, and remove the exclusive flags so you can open multiple categories at once, plus have all categories closed at startup, etc.

I wanted to have a button that would close all categories so you could quickly return to the category overview where I put the marks for whether each category contains a writ requirement or tracked recipe. The latest version contains the method I ended up using. :)

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