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spikadelia 09/21/21 02:10 AM

Dungeon, Overland, World Boss Item info
Hi ESOUI Community,

Does anyone know if there is a simple add-on that identifies this for each item or if it is included in one of the more comprehensive item managers?

Thanks in advance :D

Baertram 09/21/21 04:27 AM

WishList shows the possible sets ingame in an own UI and also provides the info where it drops + possibilities to search, and filter the sets by their locations/zones (use the search box to enter searhc values, left to it there is a dropdown to choose the search filter. Right click the search box for possible search values/constants). It was created to build your own WishList of needed set items (for farming them e.g.), informing you if one of the items on your WishLists dropped.

It's based on LibSets which provides the drop locations etc.
But I do not know of any addon adding this info to the tooltips of the items in your inventory e.g.

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