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FelixRoberson 09/21/21 03:24 AM

A way to report issues directly?
Hi, is there a way for us to report the issues directly but not via this forum? Thanks.

Baertram 09/21/21 04:10 AM

What issues do you talk about? ESO Addon problems?
You can try the addon's given feedback methods which are shown in the addon's UI, written at the description, or at the addon's settings menu.
You can try to use ingame mail if you know the author's @displayName but most refuse to get the reports that way as the ingaem mailbox is often full!
So you need to be registered in the forum here and write a comment to the addon OR use the given addon bug report/feature request panels (if activated).

Read this please:

btw. addons ar eno professional software and they must rely on the ingame available possibilities so there is no direct way to conact or chat or voice authors. External access is blocked by the game for a lot of reasons.

Sharlikran 09/21/21 04:48 AM

Borrowing from the Forum and Commenting Guidelines from the Nexus

Within this community, you are not inherently entitled to another's time, work, or creations.
If you needed to report an issue with ScrySpy for example you would post directly to the comments section for the mod. All mods have a comments section. Then the author will get back to you when the author has time to do so. If the author doesn't respond within a week or so then the author may not respond frequently or may not play anymore. There isn't a more direct way to report issues though.

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