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Pyrelle 11/07/19 05:00 PM

Shissus framework error
I just started getting the following error when I try to open the settings for Shissus.

bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table/struct expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'ipairs'
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/Z0_Options/Keyboard/Z0_Options_Keyboard.lua:162: in function
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/Z0_Options/Keyboard/Z0_Options_Keyboard.lua:146: in function
user:AddOns/ShissuFramework/settings.lua:847: in function 'panelData.callback'
EsoUI/Common/Z0_Gamemenu/Z0_GameMenu/lua:52: in function 'TreeEntryOnSelected'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:705: in function 'Z0_TreeNode:OnSelected'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:411: in function 'Z0_Tree:SelectNode'
EsoUI/Libraries/Z0_Tree/Z0_Tree.lua:888: in function 'Z0_TreeEntry_OnMouseUp'
(tail call): ?
Z0_CollectionsBook_TopLevelCategoriesScrollChildZ0_CollectionsBook_SubCategory1_Mouseup:3: in function '(main chunk)'

I have turned off all addons one by one to see if there is a conflict and it only happens with Shissus on. I have all the updated patches for the Addon. I made sure I have all the updated Libraries. I would normally just get rid of this Addon but as a guild leader, it is a must to have. This all started after the last update to the patch.

Baertram 11/07/19 05:09 PM

Seems that Shissu then embedded libraries which are now outdated and they get laoded for you.
Either delete the subfolders with the libraries and install them as standalone versions (if given properly for download) or remove them from the Shissus txt file where they get loaded.

Infos what went wrong here:

Pyrelle 11/07/19 06:29 PM

ok, ty I will try that and hope it works. will let you know if it works.

Pyrelle 11/07/19 07:52 PM

I couldn't find the libraries in any of the folders that come with Shissu's or the patch for it. Until I do I guess I am stuck just not using the addon.

Baertram 11/08/19 05:14 AM

Then just follow the thread and install LibAddonMenu with the newest version and Harevns AS to LAM adapter as well, both as standalone versions.

Pyrelle 11/08/19 04:58 PM

I will try that now I already have the Harevns AS to LAM adapter. so I will add the stand-alone versions as well.

Edit: I think I misread what you said. I already have both those add-ons installed and am still getting that error. I think I will just have to wait for a fix from the patch add-on author as I know Shissue has not updated in forever, and I am nowhere near being a coder.

Splat 11/10/19 05:38 AM

This should be fixed with the following update

Pyrelle 11/10/19 03:42 PM

Can confirm. New update fixed the issue. Thank you, my inner ocd guild leader thanks you as well.

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