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Jerkling 07/25/19 09:34 AM

[Question/Request] Quicken Quickslot
hey guys o/

judging from the Greymind Quick Slot Bar addon it is not possible to shortcut potions and such directly from the quickslot menu. so i was wondering if it is possible to simulate this process by adding a timed secondary command?
in principle it should work just like Greymind's but after the potion/meal/memento/whatever has been slotted it is consumed/played/whatever with just the smallest delay.

and if so, whould somebody be willing to make it a reality?

thanks in advance :banana:

Baertram 07/25/19 09:43 AM

Addons are no bots so they are not allowed (and for a good reason) to consume items from the quickslots or abilities automatically.
You need to press the key.

And as in the past ther was no way to determine which currently selected item on the quickslot is what bagId + slotIndex in your inventory (so one could have tried to use the item from there somehow via API calls) this approach wasn't working neither.

Jerkling 07/25/19 12:44 PM

i don't see how this could be considered a bot. all this would do is simulate a mechanic that should have been ingame all along.
having to micro-manage potions during a fight is rediculous and while this admitably isn't a huge issue for healers or dds it's beyond being a nuisance for tanks who often need a certain potion NOW and not after 3 seconds opening the radial, choosing the potion and then pressing the button again to then actually use the potion.

and while i get that this could be abused in some way as auto-potion addon, i'm also quite confident that this on the other hand could be easily prevented by ZOS in a lot of ways.

however, since it's not possible anyways i guess there is no point debating it.

thanks, Baertram o/

Baertram 07/25/19 03:00 PM


Bsically everything that helps pressing keys for you, which do things like movement, skills, potions, seems to be restricted.
As quickslots can hold several different itemtypes it seems to protected in total. Imo potions could be removed from this protection as well. As the cooldown prevents to use 100 potions in a row via an addon you should be safe ;)
But it would also allow an addon to automatically use a health potion if you get below a health threshold which might be not wanted, and I understand this.

I'm using Greyminds Quickslotbar, have defined the keys F1 to F4 to the most used potions and change with them infight + press the USE key afterwards.

Together with my addon FCOStarveStop, which is also able to activate different potions in your quickslots according to the location (dungeon, overland, pvp) and combat state (in combat / out of combat) this does the trick for me so far. And it got a potion reminder as well.

There is also another addon from Harven I think which is able to change the quicklots to e.g. a defned potion for stamina if your stamine gets low. Same for health and magicka.

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