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Lucifer66 04/29/19 12:02 PM

Why Use Latin?
Look, I like this program, but why the heck did whoever made this program need to force us to change our windows user names to Latin Characters? Really? You expect me to change my windows username and potentially screw up my computer just because you don't speak english or something? It's absurd.

Go back and fix this because nobody uses Latin characters for their windows username, and to make people change them is asking for trouble. If you can't make it work with normal characters then delete it because it's just a bad design.

Baertram 04/29/19 04:33 PM

Why do you start several threads and posts in different forums just because you do NOT research on your own what "latin characters" are?
Ppl even provided you explanations and links for it. You write hundreds of latin characters to complain about the ability of not being able to use them.

As explanation for you once again: English consists of latin characters. Even the Roman Empire used to write the same latin characters you are reading here at the moment now in this text.

Dolby 04/29/19 04:54 PM

Duplicate thread. responded here:

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