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Kyokux3 04/09/19 01:42 PM

Minion isn't able to connect to the internet
I'm getting the the message that minion is unable to connect with the internet and i should check my firewall, security and proxy.
I tried to disable the firewall of windows and the firewall of my security program, but with no success. In addition i am not using a proxy.

I'm really desperate.

Baertram 04/10/19 06:00 AM

You sure you are not using any proxy? Press WIN key and type proxy, then check the settings "Change proxy settings".
Set "Automatic proxy settings" it to
"Automatically detect settings" Off
"Use setup script" Off

Set "Manual proxy settings" to
"Use a proxy server" Off

Disable your network adapter within windows and reenable it afterwards.
Or use the cmd prompt (with admin mode) and type:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew
Let your virus and anti malware tools scan if you got malware which activates the proxy somehow.

If still something blocks it you need to add the Minion.exe file to your antivirus whitelist/exclusion list!
And start Minion as administrator!

Kyokux3 04/10/19 12:17 PM

Thank u for u answer. I have tried everything you said but it still doesn't work. I changed my settings, uninstalled my security program, disabled my firewall... But it doesn't work.

Baertram 04/11/19 12:13 AM

What does the Minion.log file tell you? SHould be somewhere in this folder if you have installed it to the standard folders c:\users\...\appdata\roaming\.Minion (or somewhere in the AppData subfolders of local etc.)

Maybe attach it here so we can have a look.

Kyokux3 04/11/19 10:11 AM

I don't find a minion.log in the minion folder .-.

Baertram 04/11/19 03:04 PM

Try to use the Windows search to find the minion.log on your harddrives. Maybe it wasn't even created.
Do you see the Minion UI as it starts or how do you know it's not connecting to the internet? Is there a popup message?

Kyokux3 04/11/19 10:03 PM

There is a popup Message and in the background there is the normal window i think but without any text

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