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Dung0619 10/03/20 04:25 PM

Remove forced window size
Because Minion decides for you how wide you're allowed to make the window, I cannot snap it to fullscreen on my second monitor in portrait mode. if I try, it refuses to resize correctly then snaps back to a default position and size. That's infuriating.

I need a config file entry or something to fix it and allow arbitrary window size. Yes, that means there might be elements that get hidden or cut off when it's like that, let me worry about that for myself.
For a developer, trying to know every user's use case and predict what their needs are would be pure madness, and without knowing that, you don't have the information to make decisions like this better than the user themselves can. So don't.

Baertram 10/04/20 06:37 AM

Well, create the software yourself in the future and you won't have that great problems :p Or learn to live with the software that was given by others. Simple and fair enough imo.

My advice would be to check the minion.xml file, as it is the config file of this software. If it does not contain any options to change the size or whatever there might be another file inside the Minion install folder, or you would have to check if it perhaps writes contents to the Windows registry.

But the xml file looks good for me to give it a try:

    <position height="727.0" width="1220.0" x="163.0" y="179.0"/>

Dung0619 10/08/20 12:04 AM

I don't have to be able to recreate someone else's efforts from scratch by myself in order to deserve to tell them there is a specific and verifiable problem with it ":p"

Thank you very much for the lead, I'll try editing the XML file to remove the incorrect behavior

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