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Raeslin 08/24/21 12:53 AM

Minion says it can't connect to internet
It worked fine last week, then today i got

Minion is unable to connect to the internet. Please check your firewall, security & proxy settings. Please visit our Help & Support page for additional information.

I have deleted it, re downloaded it, made sure it was on my firewalls white list, tried it without the fire wall, made sure i was running it as admin. I am not sure what to do next.

Baertram 08/24/21 01:59 AM

Check your proxy settings in windows.
Maybe you got some malware installed that has enabled a proxy (was the case in the past for other users).

And di you try the java network's ipv6 -> ipv4 switch in the troubleshooting sticky post (entry 13) already?


If Minion is not able to connect to the internet try to open a Windows CMD prompt...

If this still does not work pleas read the sticky post about how to post a bug, include your log and xml files here and I'll have a lok if I can see anything in it.

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