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50percentgrey 03/10/15 12:22 PM

stuck at "loading gameconfig for eso."
Minion doesnt start or when it does, it gets stuck at "loading gameconfig for eso."
Any ideas?

Rena 03/10/15 12:48 PM

same for me

30 min and nothing happens

Dolby 03/10/15 01:50 PM

Hi all,

Can you post your minion.xml and minion0.log? That will tell me about the environment Minion is running in and what all the settings are. There are many things that can cause Minion to stop at this point so the reasons why that is happening and how to fix it could be different.

Here are the details on how to gather that info:

Rena 03/10/15 02:16 PM

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I use win7 home premium 64bit

xWodanx 03/10/15 02:25 PM

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I have the very same the morning it worked..but now it stucks, too.
Maybe its because is so slow..server?

i attached files...
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

Edit: Its working now...

BruceDundee 01/15/18 06:01 AM

does anyone know if this has been seen to, cause this is happening to me too. :confused:

Baertram 01/15/18 10:31 AM

Attach your minion.xml and log file please so one can check it.
Most of the time it's a firewall, antivirus or proxy server mssing things up. Or corrupt data in the xml etc.

A few steps you could try:
-Try to disable (for a few minutes) the antivirus or firewall or add a whitelist entry
-Start minion as administrator
-Test Minion 32bit version on a 64bit OS

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