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sirinsidiator 09/17/18 08:48 AM

Update 4.2
The next update "Murkmire" will be on the PTS later today.

New API Version: 100025

PTS Dev Guild
We always try to create a guild for all addon developers during the PTS cycle for a new update, so we can test guild related things and more, ask for help with testing or just chat. If you need an invite, ask here or over on our Gitter channel, but keep in mind that it gets wiped with every character copy and may not currently exist.

I'll edit the OP with more useful information as you post it and add the links as they become available.

ZOS_ChipHilseberg 09/17/18 11:08 AM

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ESO UI Documentation

Gandalf 09/17/18 12:41 PM



Bridges and Milegates
Destructible bridges and milegates have been added to Cyrodiil. They now have their own Keep types:
Does this mean, that they also will have AP credit list and resulting ticks (e.g. like temples)?


sirinsidiator 09/17/18 12:53 PM

Don't think they do, but I believe this question is better asked in the appropriate feedback thread on the official forums.

sirinsidiator 09/23/18 10:37 AM

The new profiling api is awesome. Great job and many thanks!
I played around with the data today and easily got it hooked up with the google chrome profiler.

A few things would be nice if they could be changed in the future though.
  • There are no records for api methods. This makes it a bit hard to determine which api is responsible for slow lua code, without moving them into separate lua methods.
  • Tail recursive calls are missing from the records. They just jump directly from the caller to the callee.
  • It would be great if there was some way to tell which action (handler, event type) caused a function call. Maybe some additional record type which returns the event type, namespace or control name, start and end time for when the event callbacks, updates and control handlers are executed could be added.
  • chrome profiler supports showing the arguments that are passed to a function. maybe this data could also be returned by the api, similar to how it was added to the errors and debug.tracebacks?
  • a record type that marks the frame start and end time + cpu and memory usage during that frame could also be nice

EDIT: it also seems that there is something funky going on. The records contain the following stack trace, which is impossible since SetId doesn't call any methods:

IsMenuVisisble (@EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_ContextMenus/ZO_ContextMenus.lua:135)
ZO_AutoComplete:IsOpen (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:149)
ZO_AutoComplete:Hide (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:143)
ZO_AutoComplete:OnTextChanged (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:299)
AutocompleteOnTextChanged (@user:/AddOns/LibSlashCommander/LibSlashCommander/LibSlashCommander.lua:86)
<anonymous function> (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:95)
Measurement:SetId (@user:/AddOns/LibGPS/Measurement.lua:32)

EDIT2: Seems that GetScriptProfilerClosureInfo somehow returned the wrong closure info. Subsequent profiling runs show the following stack which seems to be correct:

IsMenuVisisble (@EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_ContextMenus/ZO_ContextMenus.lua:135)
ZO_AutoComplete:IsOpen (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:149)
ZO_AutoComplete:Hide (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:143)
ZO_AutoComplete:OnTextChanged (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:299)
AutocompleteOnTextChanged (@user:/AddOns/LibSlashCommander/LibSlashCommander/LibSlashCommander.lua:86)
<anonymous function> (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_AutoComplete.lua:95)
<anonymous function> (@EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_Hook.lua:32)

ZOS_ChipHilseberg 09/24/18 08:15 AM

Nice work on the profiler. The first two points of feedback are known, it's just that we only had a small amount of time to fit this in and the existing hooks into the VM had these problems. We'll keep all of the feeback in mind when we get some more time to work on it.

sirinsidiator 09/24/18 08:32 AM

Thanks! Looking forward to the next iteration on this api.

decay2 10/11/18 07:40 AM

Texture File List
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I attached some recent Texture Lists extracted from the current PTS

ZOS_ChipHilseberg 10/15/18 03:00 PM

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Up to date notes.

Baertram 10/15/18 03:09 PM

Difference check for API files:


* GetKeepInnerWallBreached(*integer* _keepId_, *[BattlegroundQueryContextType|#BattlegroundQueryContextType]* _battlegroundContext_)
** _Returns:_ *bool* _innerWallBreached_

* GetKeepOuterWallBreached(*integer* _keepId_, *[BattlegroundQueryContextType|#BattlegroundQueryContextType]* _battlegroundContext_)
** _Returns:_ *bool* _outerWallBreached_


* IsActiveDisplayEnabledOnPlatform()
** _Returns:_ *bool* _isActiveDisplayEnabled_

* GetPlacedFurnitureParent(*id64* _furnitureId_)
** _Returns:_ *id64:nilable* _parentFurnitureId_

* GetPlacedFurnitureChildren(*id64* _furnitureId_)
** _Uses variable returns..._
** _Returns:_ *id64* _childFurnitureId_

* EVENT_GUILD_ID_CHANGED (*string* _unitTag_, *integer* _oldGuildId_, *integer* _newGuildId_)

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