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GrfxGawd 06/18/14 04:36 PM

TESO Turbo - New!
First let me say I'm not a scripter or programmer. I was a UI wizard, meaning lots of exceptionally deep and esoteric photoshop secrets... that was almost a decade ago now. I have a small little something I would like for the developer community to play with. It'll help a game run a little better. At 32 bytes it's not a world changing thing, but it's just that little extra sumthin' sumthin'.

Place it in your eso.exe dir. Double click to run, it'll launch the client. Now, if you've less or more than 8 logical cores you will need to edit the file. The "magic number" is 55. This is hex for 01010101. So, less or more cores please choose a proper binary representation and convert to an appropriate hex value and insert in place of "55". (0 means core off, 1 means core on).

So, the point of the exercise? The game client can be a bit sluggish, so we up it's priority. But, it'd be a real shame if we let it hog all the processes, so we limit the number of cores it has elevated privileges on. Pretty simple. Net result - it smooths things out a bit. And, that's about all it does.

Before I turn this loose on the general public, I'd very much appreciate having some people who understand and can manage such things to give it a go, and if possible provide some feedback. I thank you all for your time.

GrfxGawd 06/18/14 05:06 PM

Mea Culpa
I have been politely informed my initial attempt to contact and share with the developer community is FAIL.

Though what I am posting is NOT Beta, really just a stripped, ugly, stable proto-alpha - nonetheless shall forthwith be posted in the Beta Addons, though as already stated it is in fact not "beta", nor is it an addon in any sort of way.

GrfxGawd 06/26/14 02:14 PM

Elevated priority, not a placebo. This in fact works as intended.
UPDATE: 6/25/2014
For those who have been brave and downloaded my insignificant and tiny file to help get just a little more from your game, I imagine by now most of you have updated the game client and gotten a chance to log back into the server. My .bat file does not use the Zenimax API or the LUA. It works at the OS level, elevating priority and limiting core access so as not to choke the system. Having said that, I myself have lost 20fps, and no amount of tweaking or changing settings will get it back. I can't create what has been taken away in the code. I don't know exactly what may have been changed in the game client. All I know is that I've personally seen a significant performance hit, and there's nothing I can do to fix or mitigate the issue.

I of course will look into it and see if there is any path to help restore what's been lost, but my skills are limited.

To those who've claimed this achieves nothing more than a "placebo" effect, I quote directly;

Another solution for Windows users is to add the game to high priority:
Open the Task Manager while the game is running and locate the process running named "Eso.exe".
Perform a right-click on that process and set priority to " High" (please note that changing this while having other programs running might cause them to perform slower).
found at WHY DO I GET RANDOM 5-SECOND FREEZES? Updated 06/19/2014 11:35 AM - Published 04/19/2014 02:54 AM

I just discovered this today while posting to the Addons forums about all of the addons I use being broken, post patch. Note that Zenimax points out that doing as advised can slow other programs down. Those programs could include things like your video card drivers, sound card, and other important system resources - hence why my .bat limits the number of cores available to the game client.

I hope that my small contribution still helps to provide a better experience in game than you would otherwise achieve, assisting in making your time in Tamriel more enjoyable.

GrfxGawd 06/26/14 09:17 PM

After a lot of frustration I pretty much dumped my graphics settings. Slowly I started bringing things back up. It's not what it was before the latest patch, but it's pretty close and fairly stable. So the serious degradation in frame rate I experienced may well in fact be localized to me and my machine.

I thought it only fair and responsible to report that my issue may well have been generated by my actions, and not that of the latest game client.

If you are experiencing a similar situation, where there isn't excessive game stuttering or other issues and it's localized to poor frame rates you might want to set the graphics back to a "default" lower setting, and bring it back up. My guess is it's possible there may be old settings left in the settings.ini file that could generate performance issues with the new FOV and camera setting introduced. Reverting back to "zero" and then ramping them back up might correct any old settings that create issues.

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