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QwCutie 03/03/20 12:22 AM

Minion Can't See Addons
I've been trying to select a folder so that Minion can get the addons ive been trying to choose, however, it just isnt working out for me in my favor. I saw a moderator say to post a new thread with the minion.xml data so here i am doing that. I hope this issue can be resolved, because at the time currently, ESO would be so much more fun with these add ons i have.

Baertram 03/03/20 12:39 AM

Please attach the xml file to the post and do not post the contents into your post!

But first: Did you read this thread and tried everything already?

Most of the time you were running Minion not as administrator, or it is an Antivirus or Firewall blocking Minion to connect to the Internet or your c:\users folder!
So please make sure to whitelist minion in Windows Defender and your antivirus/firewall tools AND run it as administrator.

To select the correct addons folder search on your harddisks for the file UserSettings.txt with the most up2date date and time.
The folder this file was found in should be something like c:\users\...\documents\elder scrolls online\live

In there is the AddOns folder where the addons should be located.

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