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MadDragon 05/15/20 09:50 PM

Blank Minion starter page?
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So, I get a blank screen when trying to use Minion.

OS: Windows 7 64bit. (yes, I'll stick with Win7 for now.)

- I've worked through the Troubleshooting guide above, nothing.
- I've included my .log and .xml files

I had previously installed Minion, but deleted it at one point. I'm now getting back to ESO, so.... need those addons.
I deleted *all* the Minion setup stuff (.minion, etc.) that i found so that I could start with clean install.

I went through the whole setup procedure.
Told it not to look for WoW but it seems to be doing that anyway.
Didn't find the ESO AddOn directory, which I had helpfully emptied because I'll just reinstall all the addons I had.
Manually added the AddOn directory (C:\Users\...\live\AddOns)

Nothing. Blank. 32bit and 64bit same result.

How can I get Minion to work? What am I missing?

MadDragon 05/15/20 10:58 PM

RESOLVED: Minion showing blank page.
The answer was here:

Thanks Baertram!

Baertram 05/16/20 03:46 AM

You are welcome ;)

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