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wacko1 02/05/18 12:50 PM

backup restore still not working
minion restore still isnt working. i can make a backup and it shows up in the list but when i delete all my settings and addons , it only restores the txt files and savedvariables. it does not redownload my addons.

i narrowed down the problem with help from the forums.

minion makes a minion-backup folder under my backup folder i selected under minion settings instead of eso-1

if i manualy move the eso-1 folder 1 level up so that it is like this "my backup folder"\eso-1 . minion does restore my addons.

this has been known for a pretty long time , according to the forum the youngest post i found about this is from juli 2017. thats 6 months ago and it still is not fixed.

somewhere between backup and restore is a flaw in the program ,
backup -> backups up to backup folder\minion-backup\eso-1
restore -> tries to restore from backup folder\eso-1

anything i can manualy fix , i know how to edit jar files.

Spidery 07/01/20 08:07 PM

Guess I gotta bump a 2 year old thread since this is still an issue. I can see the file path is still wrong, I cannot restore any addons, which means I have to do it all manually again. What's the point of this program if it ain't going to work properly?

Baertram 07/02/20 06:44 AM

The point is: This programm ios not there to do backup and restore but to install and updates your addons and libraries!
Backup and restore not workin is a known bug, it aint fixed yet and I guess never will be fixed.

So don't use it and use the better and easier way:

Simply copy&paste the whole addons and savedvariables folder to backup and restore your addons and SV files manually.
Needed effort:

0. Logout of the game!!!
1. Open Windows Explorer via WIN+E
2. Open "live" folder (described here how to find the addons folder, 1 folder above is the live folder):
3. Mark "AddOns" and "SavedVariables" folder (press CTRL key + left click to mark several folders)
4. Press CTRL+C
5. Choose another folder where you want to paste it
6. Press CTRL+V


Same the other way around for the restore.

This is effective and less effort than using Minion for it.
You are also able to zip the folders avfterwards to compress their size, like Minion does.

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