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That file is like a blackbox in a plane. It contains useful information for authors to figure out why an error is happening. It cleans itself up, so it shouldn't grow much larger than 1-2MB.

Right now it logs the following information when you log in on a character:
account name - in case you play with multiple accounts and that is somehow causing issues (e.g. with the saved variables)
character name - in case the problem occurs due to switching characters or due to some special characters in the name
login time - in case a problem occurs a fixed time after logging in on the character
client version - hope that doesn't need an explanation
megaserver - in case of server specific issues
service type - steam or non-steam in case that makes a difference
ui type - keyboard or console ui is quite an important detail
eso+ - changes how some apis react
language - in case it is some localization problem
out of date checkbox state - good to know when someone has an issue with some addon not loading
addon count - how many are active and how many are installed
addon load events - this gives information about the load order of your addons, the loaded addon version and which subdirectory of the addon folder it was loaded from

In addition it also logs Lua errors and addons can use the library to log custom messages. It also offers some settings to log even more information. There are 4 "levels" of log messages (debug, info, warning, error) and the default is to log everything except debug messages. Each message can also log a stack trace so an author knows where the log itself is coming from, which is also disabled by default.

The goal for this is to make debugging easier for authors by providing a file that contains all the information users usually forget to mention.
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