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Yeah exactly, sharing the backed-up SavedVars causes a lot of hassle.

Would be great if Minion supported some "quick install" mode that takes a list of addon URLs or a comma-separated list of addon IDs (same as the addon txt file it produces when making a Backup).

For now, the easiest way to share an addon list with a friend will be via my little script. The titles my script generates are the exact same titles that Minion uses in its "find more" box, so people can just copy-paste the titles and find things easily.

Edit: I have an idea for Minion if someone is reading this: How about letting us search for addon IDs, so if you type "1703" the search result list would show Circular Votan's Mini Map ( And if you search for "1703,7,12" for example, then it would show 3 search results: Votan's and two others. This would make it supremely easy to share addon lists: Just share a string of comma-separated IDs, and search for that in "Find More" and you'll get a list with Install-buttons. Should also be very very very easy to code this feature for Minion (although you may wanna add a prefix such as "id:1703" and "id:1703,7,12" to disambiguate the ID-search from regular searches). As for how people can make their own list of comma-separated IDs, the easiest current method would be to create a backup and take it from the text-file. A later method may be to have a "Export Addon List" button somewhere in the GUI menus.

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