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Minion 3.0.5 and ESO Connection Issues Fixed!

Minion 3.0.5 has been unable to connect to the internet for the past 3 days on my Windows 11 desktop. I have also been having with issues with disconnecting and reconnecting constantly in games, especially ESO. I have also had issues in ESO with slow login, slow switching characters, slow changing zones with multiple disconnects during the process.
  • I have tried the following ways to fix this:
  • Install the 32-bit version of Minion.
  • Install the jfx version that requires a local Java installation.
  • Check my firewall settings.
  • Uninstall then reinstall minion.
  • Checked my network connections and Network setup.

When I checked my network connection, I noticed that WiFi and ethernet were connected to the internet, despite the fact that I use a hard-wired ethernet conection on my desktop so I do not need WiFi. I checked to see if Minion was working on my WiFi-connected gaming laptop and it is so the problem is not WiFi so it must be having two active network connections.
  • I took the following steps to make sure that WiFi connections were disabled on my desktop:
  • Unchecked "Connect Automatically" on my desktop's WiFi connection.
  • Turned off WiFi in Windows 11 (there is a software switct in Win 11).

I attempted to start Minion 3.0.5 64-bit and it immediately connected to the internet and listed my currently installed ESO AddOns. I then logged into ESO, selected and loaded a character quickly without any issues. Logging into eso is much faster and I did not experience any disconnects while doing so. Minion and ESO connection issues fixed!
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