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Yeah I just tried uninstalling Minion, deleting the config using the uninstall prompt, rebooting, re-installing the new 13a build, rebooting again before starting Minion, still does the same thing. Just thought I should give it the best try.

Odd, it (ver .8b) didn't recognize that I have the RAETIA info bar installed. I will try starting it again.

Nope, still doesn't recognize RAETIA info bar installed (ESO). All it sees is loot drop. I guess I should've saved the settings directory before uninstalling and deleting it. Oh well, it's not all that hard to update these things manually.

EDIT: v2.0.8-beta also automatically installed an older version of Loot drop. I manually restored it. BTW the last v (of Loot drop) I installed was labelled the same v as the one before it, by the author (bad programming practice). I could immediately tell, as the older version has "^p" or something like that after the name of every item.
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