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We have thought about supporting dependencies.

In Minion we could probably do it on the fly because we could just tell Minion to download the 2 zip files, etc. However to provide a download from the website we need to give the user just 1 zip and to generate a new zip on each download would require a ton of cpu and disk i/o so we would have to cache it. If we are going to cache it might as well just serve that cached file to Minion too otherwise there might be a point where Minion is giving a different version of the lib then if you just download from the site manually. Also the issue with alerting users via email, rss, etc when just the lib is updated and not the main addon.

So how about when the author releases a new version and uploads it here our site would then scan the zip for a file that holds dependency info. If the file is there and it has valid data we inject that dependency into the release zip. If the file is missing or has invalid data such as version numbers no longer available it just ignores it. Maybe add a button and api endpoint for the author to easily release an update if its only a dependency update?

side thought... if you are going with a travis ci release system you could bundle everything on your end and use the upload api I'll have added to esoui soon.

I'll keep thinking about this. sorry for the short response and typos, on my phone atm.

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