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Minion on Linux: Broken?

It seems that the Sun Java JRE7 and JRE8 files are no longer available. This was due to (I think) license changes by Sun, and their putting the downloads behind a subscriber-only firewall. It also seems the OpenJRE and JDK versions currently available do not work with the Java Minion app. The unfortunate affect to this is there no longer seems to be a way to make the Java version of Minion work, at least not the way described here.

I put this here to help someone like me avoid wasting time on things that no longer work. On the other hand, I'm still looking for alternatives, though. Now that ESO runs *very well* on Steam Play with Proton, I play all games exclusively on Linux. Manually updating my ESO addons certainly works, but definitely isn't convenient, either.
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