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Thank you and farewell :))

First, i dont quit rage )

I truly enjoyed my time on ESO, and i appreciated all the addons invented to please us and make the game so fun.

I have 8 Characters going from 16 to V2, and i maxed 4 tradeskills

But probably because i am not in a good shape, lately the game has been very tiring for me, i enjoyed Veteran 2 but this is more like a job for me, as i have to push myself to advance further, so i think it is time for me to say Farewell to this wonderful team of ESOUI and thank you because you allowed me to play until now with a great pleasure.

Though the game take a direction that is not for the *old one young at heart i am* and i need to be able to breath between fights haha.

I dont critic the game, i love it.

Continue to enjoy it and work for it

/Bow to all

Anceane aka Dominique
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