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Originally Posted by zgrssd View Post
Nightblade DPS should go either for stealth burst damage (maybe combiend with Dual Wield Scrappign attacks + Bow) using shadow.
For crit heavy assasin damage.
Or should go for Siphoning Strikes. While it sounds odd at first glance, the Ulti, stam and man gaina allows you to fire a lot of abilities a lot more often. So you should be able to compensate for the low normal attack damage.

Since beta the game had the issues that Stam Skill are not as viable as Mana skills, especially late game. They did improove this quite a bit with the last two patches. Still work to do, but more viable then before.
They also severely dropped the Veteran difficulty.
So overall a Stam DPS might be more viable now.
So if I understand you correctly you are saying that stamina skills used to be very underpowered in comparison to magicka skills, but this may have changed?

I should maybe also add that I am a fairly slow leveller and by now means a numbers type of person; I don't ever parse damage or anything like that

So many corpses. So little time.
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