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My ideal HUD...

This is not really a request but due to my lack of knowledge with LUI and being unable to do Trial and Error before the game is officially launched. It is very unlikely that I'll be able to create something like that once the game is released so all I can do is share my vision of an ideal HUD. There is a couple HUD out there that already do some of the functionality demonstrated in the image but I feel they derives too much from the original feel of the ESO UI. The bar in ESO are, in my opinion, the most efficient and beautiful I have seen in any previous MMO I have played and I have no interest in using something that completely remove them. I wouldn't use new component that derive from the original ESO UI style either. Unless all the new component blend together as a whole, similar to what ElvUI did in WoW.

Don't put too much emphasis on the graphical element used in the picture, they are only placeholder to show the positioning and demonstrate some functionality. But it's important to notice that all the bar conserve the original ESO UI look and texture (pardon me for the dirty copy/paste and low res of the bar, it's all I was able to find).

As I said this is not a request. I'm just sharing my vision in hope more competent user with LUI share a similar one. In the end I will probably do a bunch of dirty edit to already existing HUD to suit my need, but the result will be dirt-stained forever.
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