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Originally Posted by Vuelhering View Post
They removed the ability to know all the timers.

Seems to me that guessing your own buffs on yourself is nothing like knowing all the buffs you get from everyone else. Is it any different than counting in your head when you press a key, just without the annoying "counting in your head when you press a key" part? It seems to me that having on-screen reminders when you haven't buffed yourself is not what ZOS was trying to prevent, but that's a complete guess.

I infer their intent was to remove knowing all buffs, which threw knowing self-buffs under the bus. But the fact that ZOS's reasoning can be so radically different shows why we cannot go around second guessing why, lacking a clear statement. ZOS has the ability to make a simple statement to the addon authors. They also have the ability to remove API calls. They could've easily made a statement, but chose not to (as far as I know), and that means it's not our duty to second-guess what they want. My guess could be completely wrong, but unless they clarify their reasoning, we can't make that assumption.

That's all I'm saying.
I have to agree. ZOS has demonstrated the ability to deal with addons that they don't like.
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