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Originally Posted by votan View Post
The answer is as most times in life: Yes, with a big but:
The saved variables are global, so yes you can, but:
1. You have to wait until the other addons are loaded. One way to do this is to make your addon
## OptionalDependsOn: in the manifest.txt.
2. Reading is ok, but for changing properties, you have check what the code does, which normally change them.
Thanks for the reply. I only need to read those values and I already have those addons in `## DependsOn:`. I'm still getting null tho, how exactly should I load those values? Do I need to have the files I want to load in `## SavedVariables:`? Do I simply load them with `ZO_SavedVars:New`?

This is my almost first attempt at creating addon for eso and since the documentation is pretty lacking I'm not sure why it isn't working.
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