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Originally Posted by votan View Post
You can have a look at http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info9...eTooltips.html. There I read the values from QuickEnchanter, if present.

Basically, due to DependsOn, the AddonLoaded callback is called for the other addon first. So once the addonName is the name of the other addon, you can use the SavedVar as if it would be yours.
You just have to use the same ZO_SavedVars method as the other addon, just without any defaults.
Thanks a lot. I forgot that those variables are global and when my addon initializes those dependencies are already initialized so I can just read the savedVariables from their global.

And for the rewriting of savedVariables, can I just use that reference (I assume that it's just a reference) to write to their savedVariables?
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