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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
You maybe could use the global savedvars of the other addon. But you need to check if they are using acocunt wide or character saved avrs, using the charname as key (ZO_SavedVars:New) or the new method with the charId (ZO_SavedVars:NewCharacterId) which is rename save.

And messing around with other addon's savedvars won't work properly if the other addon changes them back upon reloadui somehow from it's internal savedvars.
The addon loads the savedvars into lest's say local settings 0 ZO_SavedVars:new(...).
You change the global vars now from your addon in this addon's savedvars.

Reloadui -> The adodnw rites it's local settings to the savedvars and overwrites your changed settings int he global SV again.
The ZO_SavedVars is a wrapper. Even if you have two wrapper within two addons, the common, global savedVariable is used.
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