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I do not know if you will understand me - I am writing using Google Translate.
I suspect OlafVeschiy as I am Russian. Apparently the Russians have a desire to explore large areas.
After much research on how to play ESO, so as not to fall asleep from boredom, I came to this decision - I play without a compass, HUD displays only the crosshair, health, mana and stamina, without pin of my position, no maps of the caves, no quest pins (but with the advent of the circle pointer when click "show on map"), mod TrueExploration I use only to hide maps of caves, maps of cities and regions are completely open, so that it would not be possible to determine your location by the fog of war, only by landscape, Wayshrines and points of interest. I want to achieve maximum realism, so that the map feels paper, the fog of war and the complete absence of pins on the map, in my opinion, is unrealistic. It is also very easy to play with a compass, without it you have to memorize the landscape, for me it became one of the most interesting components of the game - memory training and search for the goal of quests. The game becomes a real adventure, about grind and xp often just forgetting, but just traveling, almost like a real world, admiring beautiful places and communicating with the few inhabitants of this empty world. In this game, practically nothing attracts me anymore, battles entertain from time to time, but they are boring and have faded into the background, although they are, according to the authors, the main component of the game. But all the same, the game lacks life, fullness, what would be called a real RPG, I perceive it as a beta version of some new part of the grandiose TES.

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