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1st: Never use the same name for your SavedVArs AND your global/local addon name. Add something like "_SV" at the end or you'll overwrite your addon table with the SavedVariables.

If you change the SV name you should logout first so everything in memory is gone!
Delete the old SV file then (if you want to) to see if this gets recreated properly with the new contents. In the file there will be the name you have chosen for your SV data at the top of the file. It is also accessible ingame (this name) as a global variable! So you can inspect it via ZGOO.

e..g. your chosen SV name is MyAddon_SV then you can use /zgoo MyAddon_SV after it was created via ZO_SavedVars:...

Double check the manifest txt and your ZO_SavedVars: call if the name is consistent/the same.
Login and then the new SVs should be created in memory. Do a /reloadui ingame and the file should be recreated and the contents updated.
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