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Inventory Insight has no issues nor does LibAsync. There are too many people posting things that do not address any issues and making suggestions that make things worse.

I have the current version of LibAsync and while I do not use Votan's Minimap on a regular basis I test with it all the time because people post errors that can not be possible. So I test it and then share that I can not reproduce the error.

None of the claims are true, people are simply not updating their mods and continue to try and use older version of things. I have had three users provide me with their addons folder and all I did was open minion, right click and choose Reinstall on each mod. Then ask them what the error is and how they reproduce it. I never could get the error to happen. Send the folder back and they replace theirs with the updated versions, no errors.

Since I did that three times I no longer do it because users can do the same thing.
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