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Originally Posted by Sharlikran View Post
Inventory Insight has no issues nor does LibAsync. There are too many people posting things that do not address any issues and making suggestions that make things worse.
I can confirm this never happens to me and I'm using IIFA since years. It's not adding any textures etc.
Maybe it's "AGAIN any other addon using the same libs like IIFA does?

To your question: Try to use an addon tool like merTorchbug or zgoo and move your mouse above the background (or any other control) and typ /zgoo mouse or /tbm to inspect the control that your mouse is over.
Inside the zgoo/merTorchbug UI you'll see the name tag or GetName functionr eturning you the name of the UI control below your mouse.

Or simply (without using these addons) you could alsouse the chat script
/script d(moc():GetName())
to get the name of the control below the mouse written in chat.

Could be it's HUD or GUI or similar and thus you won't find out this way "easily" and need to just disable all addons and test one after another to see which one causes it.

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