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Baertram is correct about my list. It is just addon names and download links that my downloader parses and downloads.

I use Minion 99.9% of the time and check for addon updates before starting the game every time. Sometimes I will quit the game just to update an addon when Minion indicates an update is available. I am very much meticulous in keeping things always up-to-date.

If I run into errors/bugs/etc... I'll check my logs and troubleshoot accordingly (if possible), but will also use Minion to reinstall my last couple of addons just to see if that resolves anything. My troubleshooting includes disabling addons to try and single out the cause.

If the errors/bugs/etc... persist, I first check the addon comments page of the last few addons I installed and/or updated to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. If not, I'll use a standard HTTP downloader (in this case jDownloader 2 in a Sandboxie container) to download my list of addons all in one go (manually clicking each link would take forever). I extract all the zip files, delete the contents of my Addons folder, and paste the fresh copies in. Yes Sharlikran, the individual addon directories are all properly located, properly named, and for all intents and purposes correctly extracted and installed at that point!

If that doesn't work, I try pruning potential offender files out of my SavedVariables directory to see if something got corrupt. Sometimes I back up and delete my SavedVariables entirely just to see if that fixes anything.

Last, I come here and post my questions. I do try troubleshooting before posting. I know a lot of end users don't and that is unfortunate because a lot can be learned (and for the most part easily resolved!).

@Baertram, as soon as everything was updated all my issues vanished (including crashing to the login screen whenever I attempted a /reloadui). I'll update this thread if anything comes up!
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