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The IIfA thing is a "tooltip" left over, no IIfA own UI! It's ZOs code we can reuse for our addons.
But all addons share the same tooltips and add information to it.
Should vanish if you open the IIfA UI and move the mouse over any item in the list (shows new tooltip then).
Then move the mouse away from the items before closing the IIfa frame.

If this does not work you need to disable other addons and try if this happens the same with only IIfA enabled (I personally never experienced this left over toioltip and I'm also using a lot of other addons ~200 sometime at the same time).
Guess it's some other addon causing it then which also adds stuff to the tooltips so start with those addons first.

What's the problem with LDR? I don't use or know it but the UI at the top right looks normal to me?
Or do you mean the black thing at the bottom middle?

GUI_ROOT is the normal UI where all other controls anchor to. If you cannot identify the black boxes there on your 2nd and 3rd screenshot you need to etst it the old fashioned way: Disable addons one after another and check when they disappear.
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