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Not sure why you open a new thread about this as it looks like the same problem you have discussed here already:

Did you read my answer on this thread from 05.05.2018?
Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
ZO_Tracker in API 10022 is a kind of "class" for the variable QUEST_TRACKER.
You build an object QUEST_TRACKER using the methods and attributes defined in ZO_Tracker.

See file questtracker.lua:

Lua Code:
  1. function ZO_QuestTracker_OnInitialized(self)
  2.     QUEST_TRACKER = ZO_Tracker:New(self, GetControl(self, "Container"))
  3.     ZO_QuestTracker.tracker = QUEST_TRACKER
  4. end

So calling QUEST_TRACKER.InitialTrackingUpdate() should do the trick.
Not sure if it's the same on PTS though.
ZO_Tracker and ZO_QuestTracker are only the "base" beyond the variables (instances) you create from them (QUEST_TRACKER e.g.).
So calling the base class functions will not work on all variables. You need to call the funcitons on the created instance variables in order to update them properly.
Try to use QUEST_TRACKER.InitialTrackingUpdate() or find the variable which is created for ZO_Tracker on the PTS.

PTS source code (not actual PTS patch but the one before 07.05.2018) to search in can be found here:

Files for quest tracker are located in esoui/ingame/zo_quest e.g.

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