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On PTS that change still is not working with QUEST_TRACKER.InitialTrackingUpdate()

user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:856: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:856: in function 'FCMQT.QuestsLoop'
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:896: in function 'FCMQT.QuestsListUpdate'
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:994: in function 'FCMQT.Init'
PTS with ZO_Tracker:InitialTrackingUpdate still has same error.

EsoUI/Ingame/ZO_Quest/QuestTracker.lua:1012: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	EsoUI/Ingame/ZO_Quest/QuestTracker.lua:1012: in function 'ZO_Tracker:ClearTracker'
	EsoUI/Ingame/ZO_Quest/QuestTracker.lua:404: in function 'ZO_Tracker:InitialTrackingUpdate'
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:856: in function 'FCMQT.QuestsLoop'
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:898: in function 'FCMQT.QuestsListUpdate'
	user:/AddOns/FCMQT/FCMQT.lua:996: in function 'FCMQT.Init

Not sure on live where "ZO_QuestTracker["Tracker"]:InitialTrackingUpdate()" is going to, but it works there with that only. That does not work on PTS. So something is changed.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give.
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