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Cant find source of "index a nil value"

I'm trying to fix an addon that broke with Summerset with "index a nil value" errors. The problem I have is I cant figure out where the actual error is in the code.

I get two of them, one is reported on line 221 of GamePadBuddy.lua in function "Main Chunk" and the other is on line 4 of AddonMenu.lua in function " Main Chunk".

In the GamePadBuddy file line 221 has a } bracket which is at the end of a table.

GamePadBuddy.defaultAcctSettings = {
	accountWideSetting = true,
	invtooltip = true,
	traitmarkers = true,
	ornateintricate = true,
	hideresearchables = true,
	fastteleport = true,
	qhtcc = true,
	mm = true,
	ttc = true,
  att = true,
	setinfo = true,
	recipes = true, 
In AddonMenu.lua the error points to this line:

GamePadBuddy.AddonMenu = {}
The problem is, its not telling me which function is 'indexing a nil value'. Any ideas how I can figure out what is going wrong? I'm guessing it thinks "GamePadBuddy" is nil or something. Not really sure.
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