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Error 307 - kicked from server

Since the last update I have a problem finishing my master writs at Rolis Hlaalu. I often become kicked from server, Error 307 (6:3:1516:2). I cannot figure out what exactly is the problem and how I could prevent it.

Several AddOns may be involved in this problem, more or less indirect. It will be a long story, but it may be useful to start from the beginning and describe exactly what I am doing. The error is not reproducable. It happens in several situations, but always while talking to Rolis Hlaalu.

I earn my money selling Research Scrolls.
While running around looting I visit every guild trader looking for master writs. Together with AGS and WritWorthy I find all writs that will cost me less than 400 gold per writ voucher including all materials. For 3 vouchers I'll get 1 research scroll, selling it for 1750 gold each (more won't sell, less sell faster I could produce them).

Of course this only makes sense using other AddOns, namely CraftStore, Daily Provisioning, Daily Alchemy, Confirm Master Writ, HomeStationMarker and, again, WritWorthy with it's fantastic feature to automaticly craft all writs in my inventory WITHOUT starting the crafting quest.

So I collect 50-100 writs, beam to the guild hall, mark all writs in WritWorthy for automatic crafting, HomeStationMarker sets markers above the crafting stations to visit, I do a fast run through the guild hall, 10min later I have 50 master writs finished and find my way to Rolis Hlaalu.

Now the problem starts.

I stand in front of Rolis Hlaalu, press I, scroll to the first writ in the inventory, press E to select it, press E to start the quest, press E to talk to Rolis Hlaalu, press E to finish the quest and take my reward, press I to open the inventory again and so on (I sort my inventory in reverse alphabetic order, so in the german client the "versiegelter Versorgerschrieb" will be the first in the list and I don't have to scroll, just press I, E, E, E, E and from the beginning).

When I was kicked from server the first time it was when I did this, as fast as the UI is able to answer. If you do this that fast, the messages "starting quest: crafting bla bla bla" comes AFTER the corresponding "quest finished". So I thought this might be the problem. So I did it slower and not all similar writs one after the other, I scrolled around to do a blacksmithing, an alchemy, a clothing etc.

First it seemed to work, but suddenly I was kicked when buying the research scrolls. I usually buy 100 each, so I have to press 100x E for blacksmithing, 100x E for clothing etc. Again, I thought I did that to fast, so I pressed 10x, made a break, etc. Again, I thought that solved the problem. (I should mention that the messages "quest started" and "quest finished" still fill the screen one by one during I buy my scrolls)

But today I was kicked AFTER I already had bought all my 300 scrolls. I still had nearly 400 vouchers left, so I scrolled though Rolis Hlaalus inventory for some nice and good selling expensive receips (using MM and TTC info). At the moment (about 1 min after the last purchasing) I found an interesting item I was kicked.

I need all the AddOns, otherwise it would be too much work. And it only makes sense doing this fast. It already takes me 1 hour or so all together plus the farming of the materials. I do this 1-2 times per week. I need to figure what exactly makes the client kicking me off the server. How can I prevent that?
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