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Can't you right click the scrolls and choose "Buy multiple"? At least this works for other items.

You will always be booted from the server if you repeat to do the same thing (use keybinds like E) several times after another.
The server counts this, + depending on your enabled addons also some events or callbacks will trigger which count on top of that, as spamming and if you spam enough messages to the server you will get booted.

You can only prevent this, if you disable addons which do automatic stuff like auto craft, auto buy, auto sort, auto change guild message, auto whatever. Or if thse addons provide it: Increase the delay in it's settings it will wait between each automatically done thing.

If you get booted without any addon active you have either spammed the sever by keybindings like mutiple times pressing E etc. after another, even with a wait-time this might happen if you do not wait the same time and about 250 ms at least between them.
Or you changed guild member notes too quick after each other, or you have deconstructed several items manually after each other instead of using the mutli deconstruction fetaure (mark multiple items and press keybind/button only once), etc.

I'd start to disable some addons depending on what you do, and reenable them later as you really need them. And try to use the "buy mutiple" context menu at vendors.
+ do not do crafting stuff or vendor stuff at crowded locations. Might be coincidance but I realized the guild bank etc. will be much slower in bigger crowded cities than somewhere else where no other players are near. And I got kicked there with the same error message more often than in non-crowded areas.
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