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You're not doing anything wrong: the network is just being extra awful to you today.

I've heard several reports of "307 booted from server" during Rolis turn-ins. These seem to correspond to double-XP events, which lead me to suspect that too-rapid XP gain can be a trigger.

I've also heard reports of 307 boot during WritWorthy auto-crafting. Rare, but I've heard a few.

In both cases, I suspect that in addition to the rapid XP gain or crafting events, there might also need to be a bit of random bad luck, due to network traffic causing XP or crafting network messages to get bunched up on the internet and then all arrive at the ZOS servers close enough in time that they trigger a 307 boot punishment.

To add one more inconsistent data point: I experimented with automating the bulk accepting of master writ quests and dialog with Rolis. It races through turning in 100+ writs in just a few minutes, and not once has it trigged a 307 boot punishment. Yet you're doing the same thing, manually, and getting punished for it.
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