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Originally Posted by Randactyl View Post
using 0.2a

okay, so I have this set up:

Firstly, the aura box is not displayed on UI load as I would expect it to be under the specified conditions (no, i was not affected by the buff at the time of UI load)
I probably failed to describe that functionality. If there are no effects up on you, the appropriate timeLeft-variable is not 0, but not defined to prevent it from updating and costing ressources. If you want an icon to bedisplayed if a certain effect is NOT up, the conditions must be set to always display (ABILITY_ID > 0) and then the logic must be inverted (INVERT=true).
Based on your specified conditions the icon should show up at timeleft < 1 and vanish once it runs out.
Originally Posted by Randactyl View Post
Secondly, the box appears as it is supposed to if I cast Igneous Weapons after the UI load and the time remaining reaches the specified value. When it appears or when the buff runs out (couldn't pinpoint), these errors are thrown:
user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:36: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:36: in function 'AuraMastery.OnEffectEvent'

user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:107: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:107: in function 'AuraMastery:CheckCondition'
	user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:94: in function 'AuraMastery:TriggerAura'
	user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:65: in function 'AuraMastery:UpdateAura'
	user:/AddOns/AuraMastery/Functions.lua:60: in function 'AuraMastery.updateHandler'
Edit: I forgot to say that the aura box does not update after the errors are thrown and is just stuck there.
I could reproduce the error and i am just debugging it, thx for reporting!

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