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Yes i tried everything..the only think i dident try tho was throwing salt behind my shoulders and pray...
So i just wanted bump up this problem since its wierd

But i cant try and start over again today and see if the ghost has left


I tryed to install the 32 bit version again and i followed that sticky list step by step.
I dont use antivirus beside windows 10 own app.

Then i opened minion and followed the guide to show it where my game addons are installed.
And again i was stuck with a blank window in minion. So i increased the scan rate again to full scan.
Then i opened minion again like normal..no admin modes.
And now it works again...ghost in the shells..

So if you get a blank window in minion then its nor ur antivirus or admin mode or xml files that neds to be deleted.
Its just random if it works or not and ur helpless..so try 2o time and it prolly works...russian roulette program

I did this last day 10 times, so why does it work today suddenly ?

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