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It is definitely one of Bitdefenders new "features". This also can be a problem when saving for some programs or games. Because of this thread and my own experiences with Bitdefender I was able to track the bug down.
I do not have the english version of bitdefender, so I have to guess how the "feature" is called there, but I will try.

Go to the BD icon in the info field. Right click and choose "show" (Anzeigen).
On the window that opens, choose "show functions" (Funktionen anzeigen). It is approximately in the middle of the window on its right side. Just a text with the > symbol.
On the next screen deactivate the "safe files" (sichere Dateien) option. It is the bottom right field.

Shortly after I installed Bitdefender I played Fallout 4. I played about 3 to 4 hours, saving some times because I was building a settlement. A day afterwards I tried to load the safe game. But imagine my surprise as I found nothing of my recent built buldings. At first I imagined a failure in loading the latest safe game. But after some searching I found there simply were no safes I made. Well, maybe a bug ffrom the latest Bethesda update, I thought. Then, I came to safe a file from an email to one of windows standard folders (music, videos, downloads, documents,...). But it also did not work. That made me think and I checked Bitdefenders logs. There I found the reason. "Safe files" is blocking every writing access to windows standard user folders.
I already told their support that this "feature" has more of a bug, but well, companys. They will just learn when some other company will sue them because some of their work is blocked from saving states.
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