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1 install - 3 accounts - addon-problems


playing eso on multiple accounts on 1 Pc install.
Keep having the problem that when, for example, I globally activate/deactivate an addon on 1 acccount this carries over or to some extent at least to the addon activation on the other 2 accs.

Just tested with 'Assisted Rapid Riding' (which I no longer use anyway, so just for demonstration):

I activate on acc 1/main char selection window ARR for all chars. Before that I made sure the addon was globally deactivated on all 3 accs. Now I switch to acc 2 and lo and behold the addon is partially activated for some chars, for others not. How does this happen? It's more of a problem rlly with addons that I do actually use like Personal Assistant. Anyone knows what causes this and if there's a workaround?
Thank you very much
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