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Originally Posted by Scootworks View Post
aaah ok

i tried to add retreating maneuver, but it doesn't work, because i don't understand the Display conditions with their values...
Displaying conditions are always compared to the provided spell's duration left. Lets say u found the spellId of retreating maneuver using the spell-ID finder on the right side.

Enter it in the Spell-ID-Box (never forget to press [Enter] to save it!)
Leave "check all" and "invert" to false
Operator and value determine the condition itself: " > 3" means disaplay the icon as long as the timeLeft of the provided spellId (in your case the ability id of retreating maneuver) is longer than 3s.

In short: Just read it as

"Display as long as [ability-ID]'s duration is [operator] than [value]."

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Looks good so far.
Wasn't able to test it yet but on first glance I'd say there is missing a simple way to use the skills/aura icon/texture itsself without having to browse all icons from that "skill tree" :-)

You are able to get the texture from the skill/ability name as far as I know.
At least for player buffs this works by using the events for buffs you'll find in the Wiki -> Events.
Right, problem is, on a multi-conditioned display: what automatic icon shall i choose for display? flipping icons could be quite confusing.
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