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Not that I would know off. But good idea, maybe I can add it to FCO ItemSaver.

Isn't there shown a security dialog before improvement? Maybe "read it" and check the current quality at the bottom of the screen before pressing the keybind :-8

You can use FCOItemSaver and setup a dynamic marker icon with the name "No improvement".
Setup the dynamic icon in the dynamic icon settings to "Block improvement" but allow all the other protections (Sell, deconstruct, research, trade, mail, ...).
If you apply this to your items you cannot improve it anymore.

But this applies to each improvement, so you will have to remove it before an improvement by e.g. clicking on it with SHIFT+right mouse button (if you have enabled this in the settings).
And you need to re-apply it after the improvement manually.

So this is not a real benefit here except it will block each improvement if you got the marker icon applied.
But this also would apply to the normal FCOIS "Lock" icon btw. If this is set improvement is disabled (protected).
You are able to remove/Set this by keybind as well, so this would be a helper.
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