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Originally Posted by Gigi1000 View Post
I am puzzled how I can install Add Ons when my account is via Steam.
I downloaded Minion and there is no explanation of what to do with it (Thanks Minion)
ESOUI has all these people writing about the installation but it is such a mix up and so complicated and it tells you oh well, now you put this into the folder...... when I don't even have such a folder and cannot imagine just making a folder called Elder Scrolls Online Add Ons and it will put it in there

In short - I am lost
Well I gave Minion and ESOUI the business of having a new member
Now I can go away and get lost
(I have spent the last three hours trying to find the add ons Einstein menu)
I have ESO on steam and had zero issues. If you download addons via minion they install for you, no moving of anything. If you download via esoui website, extract the first directory in the archive to C:\Users\*YOURNAME*\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

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